#HonorEssentialWorkers: Build Back Better for Essential Workers and Our Future

Art by: Brian Herrera

This Día de los Muertos, we are honoring the essential workers who have died and fighting for essential rights and protections for those that are still living.

The pandemic has been hard on essential workers, and women in particular. A study shares that 42% percent of Black workers and 40% of Latinx workers, said they knew someone who died of COVID-19. Another study showed that essential workers counted for 87% of additional COVID-19 deaths in California.

At the same time, the pandemic triggered an economic crisis known as the Shecession as millions of women lost work. In the caregiving sector, which disportionately employs women of color, over half a million women lost their jobs. These numbers translate to lost wages and less money for women to support themselves and their families, let alone save and invest for the future.

Justice for Migrant Women is joining hundreds of organizations in calling on Congress to get the Build Back Better bill across the finish line, with transformational investments in women and essential workers, especially low wage workers, immigrants, and women of color.

Send a message to your Members of Congress calling for them to pass a Build Back Better bill with transformational investments that include paid leave, immigrant protections and investments in the caring economy.