Take action: Tell your MP to put a stop to rail ticket office closures

Closing Ticket Offices will lock disabled people out of the rail network. #NotJustTheTicket

Ticket Office closures


Rail ticket offices are under threat. Plans to “modernise” the rail have led to proposals to close over a thousand ticket offices across England.

But for the 14.6 million disabled people in the UK, ticket offices play a crucial role in accessing the rail network.

It’s not just about tickets. Staff at ticket offices are the first point of contact for disabled people arriving at stations who require assistance. They provide information, unlock station facilities, and have a profound impact on safety and security.

At Transport for All we've been campaigning hard to oppose these plans. But despite our (and many others) efforts, the plans have moved into consultation phase and one step closer to being implemented.

One of the actions we are asking our members to take is to write to your local MP and ask for their support. We encourage you to invite them to accompany you on a journey from your local train station, where you can demonstrate the barriers you face as a disabled person using rail, and explain to them how these closures will impact you.

Take action now and write to your MP using our template.

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