Tectonic Shift: A Putting People First Agenda

We are starting to see the impacts of a 100 year shift taking hold in business, life and politics.  Contingent and gig work are growing. AI has the potential to disrupt millions of jobs in the coming years. Climate change needs urgent attention to avoid its worst impacts.

It's time for a Putting People First agenda. An agenda addressing the growing insecurity of work due to permatemping and gig jobs. An agenda addressing the millions of jobs that will be disrupted due to AI. An agenda to end the oil monopoly and launch a Marshall Plan combating the climate crisis, generating millions of green jobs in the process.

The Putting People First agenda includes:

·     A 21st century worker deal should be passed elevating job protections for workers and providing more economic security including greater opportunity for worker voice.

·     An “AI Emergency Worker Protection Act” would be a first step investing in researching any occupations potentially impacted by AI and developing a bold national transition plan for working people to navigate the changes caused by AI.

·     A “Marshall Plan” for combatting climate change should be launched investing in green technology and jobs. The plan should include the goal of electrifying our transportation sector as it is one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions.  

Your voice is needed for Congress to act on the Putting People First agenda. We need the voices of people like you demanding Congress to implement the Putting People First agenda now.

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Seattle, Washington