Thank A2 City Council & let them know: it's time for an unarmed, non-police response!

**updated 4/6/2022 with a new email to send!

In Ann Arbor, the Coalition for Re-Envisioning Our Safety has created a community led, research informed, and care-based unarmed, non-police response plan for public safety concerns.  We formed in response to a resolution passed by the Ann Arbor City Council in April 2021 directing the City Administrator to develop an unarmed public safety response program by December 2021. After conducting extensive research from similar programs across the country, including consultations from many with lived experience, we wrote our own plan. The text of our plan can be found here.

We agree that the time is now. The next step is planning for implementation of the CROS plan with start-up funds and a Request For Proposal (RFP) process. We are ready for the city to commit to its constituents and provide the resources for an independent, community-led, non-police unarmed response program. Use our form to send an email to city council, letting them know that you support an unarmed, non-police response plan and you support the CROS plan! Feel free to use the pre-written message, or edit one of your own.