Tell Congress: Impose Sanctions on the Myanmar Military


Myanmar Military Coup: Tell Congress to Impose Tough, Targeted Sanctions on the Myanmar Military

In the early hours of February 1, 2021, the Myanmar military detained civilian government leaders and prominent pro-democracy and human rights advocates, including notable Buddhist monks.

The Myanmar military's move comes after days of escalating threats to the civilian government by the powerful military. For weeks, the military has been peddling unfounded accusations of fraud in the November 2020 Myanmar elections in which the National League for Democracy won a crushing victory over military-backed parties.

Since seizing power in its 1962 military coup, the Myanmar military has planned and executed genocide and crimes against humanity against all the peoples of Myanmar. For the architects and the foot-soldiers of these atrocities to seize total power is nothing short of catastrophic for all of the people of Myanmar. We must stand with the peoples of Myanmar and resist this military coup.

This is why we need to rally in pressing our Members of the U.S. Congress to take up again the United States' historic leadership in supporting the Burmese people's fight against Myanmar's military dictatorship.

Tell your Members of the U.S. Congress to immediately pass tough and targeted sanctions on the Myanmar military and its extensive business empire.

Letter Campaign by
Simon Billenness
Washington, District of Columbia
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