Tell Congress to Stand Up for Michigan & Oppose Disastrous Federal Budget


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Last month, the United States House of Representatives released its budget proposal, and it largely attacks people who are struggling in our state and our nation and the programs they depend on. The House budget relies on the same blueprint as President Donald Trump’s budget, by providing trillions in devastating cuts, eliminating support for struggling families and offering tax breaks to the wealthy and profitable corporations.

Food assistance through the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) would be slashed by hundreds of billions of dollars, targeting the elderly, working families, and workers struggling to find a job. Nearly 1.4 million people in Michigan—including 563,753 children—depend on SNAP to eat. On top of the massive cuts to Medicaid in the House-passed American Health Care Act, including the impending elimination of the Healthy Michigan Plan that currently insures 660,000 people, Medicaid would be cut even further. A total of around 2.5 million people in Michigan get their healthcare through Medicaid. Possible per capita caps on Medicaid will make it even worse.

People who are struggling economically are not the only vulnerable residents who would be exploited by this budget. Disability programs would also be at risk, including Social Security Disability Insurance for workers with disabilities and their families and Supplemental Security Income which provides income assistance to individuals with low incomes, including children, with disabilities. And seniors could see significant changes in their Medicare eligibility and benefits, making healthcare coverage for our retirees out of reach.

And the House’s budget cuts housing, job-training programs, education, financial assistance and countless other services that should be the bedrock of our nation and our budget priorities, not the first items on the chopping block. There are also significant cuts to funding to protect our air, land and water, and other programs that are essential to our quality of life and our way of life in Michigan.

At the same time, the House’s budget also proposes the massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that were a focal point of President Trump’s budget, and using fuzzy math, unrealistic economic assumptions and accounting gimmicks to justify them. These would likely cost several trillion dollars over the coming decade.

Millions of people and kids in Michigan are either living in poverty or barely getting by. Many families have yet to feel any economic recovery and are one emergency or unexpected expense away from financial disaster. More people are working, but in lower-paying jobs, and they depend on food assistance, Medicaid and other programs to survive—programs that will be decimated under the House budget. Michigan is particularly vulnerable to federal budget cuts, as we’re the second most reliant on federal funds of any state in the nation.

Our congressional delegation must oppose this budget and any others that follow in this same direction of harming our state’s most vulnerable residents, especially our children. They need to hear from YOU and the people that these appalling cuts will hurt. Contact Congress today and tell them to oppose the devastating House budget proposal or any other proposal that includes massive cuts to the programs and services the people of Michigan need.