Tell Congress to stop Manchin's dirty deal

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*Update* More than 75 members of the US House of Representatives have mounted a campaign to stop Manchin's dirty deal. And we are winning!

Over 75 Democrats in the House have pledged to stop Manchin's dirty deal. Meaning we could lock in all of the good stuff from the Inflation Reduction Act — investment in renewable energy, electric cars, and more — and not trade that dirty deal to Sen Manchin and his fossil fuel allies. And it's working!

All we need to make it happen, is for climate hawks in the US Congress to flock together, and stick to their promise. Send an email right now to your member of Congress and tell them that voters want climate action, and no dirty deals.

More detail below if you need a reminder

As part of the deal to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, Senators Manchin and Schumer are introducing a separate piece of legislation that would fast-track permit approvals for dangerous fossil fuel projects in September.

No one has seen the official legislation yet, but the one-page summary of the deal that was leaked is a disaster – it guts bedrock environmental protections, endangers public health, fast-tracks fossil fuels, and pushes approval for Manchin’s pet project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline – and a draft legislative text that’s circulating is just as bad, it even bears a watermark from the American Petroleum Institute!

This is a dirty deal written by and for the fossil fuel industry. Leader Schumer could attach this legislation to a must-pass government spending bill this September, so we must do everything we can to stop this legislation in its tracks.

We need Members of Congress to pledge right now to block any efforts to dish out new fossil fuel handouts. The permitting reforms proposed solely benefit the fossil fuel industry. Protecting our communities and climate is more important than giving Senator Manchin another present to take back to his fossil fuel industry donors. Stop the dirty deal!

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