Tell Florida Members of Congress: We need you to SEAL THE DEAL on Climate, Care, Jobs, and Justice

We are calling on all Florida Members of Congress to seal the deal for a reconciliation budget that's $3.5 trillion, and not a penny less, for Climate, Care, Jobs, and Justice for Florida.

Here is the current state of play:

Only one Florida member of Congress has gone on record for Climate, Care, Jobs, and Justice: Representative Frederica Wilson. We need the other 28 members of the Florida delegation to Congress to go bold for Florida and #SealTheDeal.

The current bipartisan infrastructure deal is a half-hearted effort that fails to address our country's biggest challenges. In fact, the deal includes dangerous expenditures that would exacerbate current crises -- including by funding the oil and gas industry -- while failing to protect the interests of workers, improve public transit, remove lead pipes, establish a high speed rail system, or make investments in solar energy. There is no justice in a nation whose leaders neglect our most vulnerable. The absence of clean water, air, and transportation puts an unjust burden on areas that are largely neighborhoods of color and low-income communities. Additionally the bipartisan deal neglects investments in child and elderly care, or the "Care economy," which is the backbone of America. Also, unlike the reconciliation bill, the bipartisan bill fails to invest in a Civilian Climate Corp that would put a new generation to work combating the climate crisis.

The Senate has passed a $3.5 trillion reconciliation budget, giving us the opportunity to get funding for climate, care, and justice. Now we need to make sure Florida Congressmembers #SealTheDeal and our communities receive the full $3.5 trillion investment, and not a penny less.  

Can you take 1 (one) minute and send a message to the Florida Members of Congress to seal the deal at $3.5 trillion and not a penny less?

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