Tell the IRRC You SUPPORT the New PA Overtime Rule to More Fairly Compensate Salaried Workers

In Pennsylvania, workers currently eligible for overtime pay are paid 1.5 times their hourly pay when they work more than 40 hours in a week. Workers eligible for overtime include all hourly employees, all salaried employees who earn below the salary threshold, and all salaried employees who earn above the salary threshold who are not managers, supervisors, or highly-credentialled professionals.  The new federal salary threshold is just $35,568. Governor Wolf has proposed to restore overtime pay to nearly 200,000 Pennsylvania workers by raising the salary threshold to from $35,568 to $45,500. A link to the regulation is available here.

The Governor’s proposed final rule, now before a state regulatory agency (the Independent Regulatory Review Commission or IRRC), will be the subject of a hearing November 21; written comments must be submitted by November 19, 10 AM.

The low-road business community, which opposes just about every attempt to give workers a fair shake, has orchestrated negative comments. Despite this, polls show that Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly support restoring overtime pay and the 40-hour work week, for moderately-paid, salaried workers.

You need to have Gov. Wolf’s back and the backs of overworked and underpaid Pennsylvania salaried workers who open and close our stores and restaurants, deliver great customer service, and keep businesses in our communities operating smoothly. Help these hard-working members of Pennsylvania’s middle class—many of whom haven’t had a raise in decades—get back the 40-hour work week, time with their family and a stable schedule, and fair compensation if they are asked to work over 40 hours.

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