Tell the Gov: ALL Managerial State Employees Deserve a Raise

A recent report commissioned to address an expected wave of state employee retirements in 2022 identified several contributing factors among the managerial and exempt workforce. Among their findings:

  • Managerial employees are experiencing pay compression and salary inversion;
  • Employees are rejecting managerial promotions to avoid backsliding economically; &
  • Current managers are seeking demotions to improve their household finances.
None of this was news to us. Long before the focus on the coming “silver tsunami,” Managerial and Exempt (M+E) Employees United leaders have been advocating for solutions.

Now that the issues have generated press coverage, we are escalating our call for Governor Ned Lamont to take action. Morale among managerial and exempt state employees has never been lower; resources for raises in the next budget would go a long way toward shoring up recruitment and retention.

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