Tell the NM Environment Department: No More Corporate Water Grabs!

Fellow Activists,

A tangled web of corporate interests, leading back to JP Morgan Chase, are set to begin mining brine water near Rio Rancho despite inadequate environmental study and a host of legal troubles. The brine, which could be used to fuel the fracking boom in our state, is laden with heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and radioactive salts. The well site plans include two large evaporation ponds, raising concerns about air-borne pollution for nearby residents. Even more troubling - industrial-scale brine pumping on aquifers will impair our water supply.

The business seeking the permit, JP Morgan Chase subsidiary IMH Financial Corporation, is a hedge-fund investment and liquidation company. IMH was slammed with an order to halt operations in New Mexico by 13th District Court Judge John F. Davis. They are also embroiled in multiple ongoing legal disputes over ownership of the wells. That's too many red flags!  

We urge you to help by telling the New Mexico Environment Department: No More Corporate Water Grabs!

Your letter will be sent by email to Secretary James Kenney and Ms. Avery Young at the New Mexico Environment Department, Ground Water Quality Bureau.

Thank you,
The Pause on Fracking Team