Tell the Office of Civil Rights to Protect LGBTQ+ Students at Religious Colleges and Universities

The Biden Department of Justice has filed a motion to dismiss outright our case to protect LGBTQ+ students at religious colleges and universities – but they also wrote in their filings that they do not condone anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination. Just a few days after filing their motion to dismiss they even shared a video on their YouTube channel with a message of support for transgender youth heading back to school.

The Biden Administration is at a crossroads on this issue, and it’s up to us to encourage them to do the right thing for LGBTQ+ students at religious colleges. We’re simply asking that the Administration give the plaintiffs in our case a chance by not dismissing their Title IX complaints outright and instead committing to opening an investigation as our case proceeds. By dismissing the complaints, the government would be closing the door to this remedy that should be open to everyone. It’s time for us to ask the Department of Education and its leadership: Are you going to open the door to dignity and safety for LGBTQ+ students, or are you going to close the door?

Let’s ask that question to the Department of Education and make it clear that we’re watching and listening – that we appreciate the messages of support for LGBTQ+ students, but that this support must apply to ALL LGBTQ+ students, including those at religious colleges who continue to abuse and discriminate against LGBTQ+ people because of the federal religious exemption to Title IX.

Take action with us and send a message by using this tool to submit your comment to the ED OCR about LGBTQ-inclusive nondiscrimination protections and why they must protect students at religious colleges, too.