Tell your state Representative and Senator: Support Paid Sick Days!

All workers need - and deserve - access to paid sick time when they need to take short term time off from work to care for themselves or a family member.

Connecticut was the first state in the nation in 2011 to require employers of 50 or more to provide up to 40 hours of paid sick time to certain service workers. Now, Connecticut’s law has fallen behind the more than 15 states that have passed similar policies. During the pandemic, we are one of the only states in our region that has not provided emergency COVID-19 paid sick leave to workers.

Two bills this session, S.B. 312 and S.B. 422, strengthen access to paid sick days in our state:

S.B. 422 provides immediate relief to essential workers who need to miss work for reasons related to COVID-19, such as a positive diagnosis, the need to quarantine, receive a vaccine, care for a family member ill with COVID-19, etc. The bill will provide up to 80 hours of COVID-19 paid sick leave for essential workers by expanding the Essential Workers COVID-19 Assistance Program created in 2021.

S.B. 312 creates a new standard for paid sick days in our state and will amend our current law to ensure that all workers, regardless of their job title or the size of their employer, have access to the short term paid sick leave they need.

For more information, read CWEALF's fact sheet on S.B. 422 and S.B. 312.

Paid sick days are good for workers, families, businesses and public health. Lawmakers MUST take action to pass S.B. 422 and S.B. 312 this session and ensure that all workers in our state have access to the paid sick time they need to heal, recover and care for their loved ones. Take action today!