Tell Your State Senator: Reducing SSI and attacking faculty isn't a recipe for quality higher ed

The Ohio House of Representatives has passed Am. Sub. HB 49, the state budget bill. The bill now will move on to the Senate.

The House-passed version includes a cut to State Share of Instruction (SSI) funding, which is the main funding source from the state to our public colleges and universities.

In addition, the three amendments targeting faculty remained in the bill: one establishing a one-size-fits-all post-tenure review policy, another reducing sick leave for university employees by 1/3 and prohibiting institutions from offering more or agreeing to more in a CBA, and a new mandate for every faculty member who assigns textbooks to file an annual financial disclosure form with the state.

Defunding our public institutions and targeting faculty will not improve quality, access, or affordability at our institutions. Tell your Senator to increase funding to higher education and stop the unwarranted, politically-motivated attacks on faculty.