Tell your Supervisor to FUND social housing!

Mayor Breed's budget: $708M for police, includes a $51 million INCREASE from last year's budget. $0 for Public Housing for All

“Social housing” refers to housing for all that is focused on working people, and affordable to working people. It is a powerful antidote to the for-profit ecosystem that controls our housing market today — driven by greed, not need. To create social housing, SF voters approved Prop K in November 2020 to authorize 10,000 units of Public Housing for All, and passed Prop I to raise around $150-200 million/year for social housing. Earlier this year, the Prop I social housing Oversight Board approved a series of recommendations — developed by grassroots organizations, labor unions, and non-profit organizations — on how to spend this money to support a variety of social housing models.

Unfortunately, Mayor London Breed has refused to listen to the will of the voters, and has ignored the vast majority of the Oversight Board’s recommendations.

Fortunately, there is still hope before the budget is finalized by the end of June! SF’s legislative branch — the Board of Supervisors — has some (limited) power to change the budget. This month, they can cut a small amount of spending from the Mayor’s budget and add it elsewhere.

This “add-back process” is our last chance to make the case for funding all the social housing recommendations that were ignored! These include:

  1. $300,000 to study the structure of a dedicated agency for Public Housing for All
  2. Funds to acquire land, especially for educator housing.
  3. Funds to build new social housing.
  4. Funds to bolster City staffing and feasibility analyses, including to study innovative forms of social housing such as permanent real-estate cooperatives.
  5. … and more! Check out the full list of approved recommendations for more details
Please take a minute or two to email your Supervisor in support!

UPDATE 06/15: The Supervisors are listening! In addition to add-backs, Supervisor Preston proposed a $100 million bond that doesn't have to go to voters, and will fund acquisition, construction, and repairs immediately. Find out more here, and send an email to make sure your Supervisor supports the full social housing package!