Tell Your US Senator: Say NO to Scott Pruitt for EPA


We at Waterkeepers Chesapeake, a coalition of 19 Riverkeepers, Coastkeepers and Shorekeepers from around the Chesapeake Bay watershed, ask the U.S. Senate to block the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We need you to send a letter to your U.S. Senators with a strong message: reject this appointment. Add your address (at right) to create an email to send today!

Pruitt, a self-confessed climate change denier and mouth piece for the oil and gas industry, is an insult to Americans who not only deserve, but have a right to clean air for breathing and clean water for drinking.

The science of climate change is clear. With the rise of fake news, it is easy to muddle facts and confuse the public. Alongside the scientific community, the U.S. military has acknowledged and is preparing for a future with conflicts resulting from rising seas, population migration, severe drought, increasingly violent storms and more.

EPA is our top pollution-fighting agency. Unfortunately, the president-elect has selected a fox to be in charge of the EPA henhouse. The person administering the agency should not only understand and acknowledge the threats of fossil fuels, pollution, and climate change, but be willing to administer the laws he is sworn to uphold.

Waterkeepers throughout the Chesapeake and coastal bays watershed have remained vigilant to enforce local, state and federal laws. We work with citizens across five states to monitor watersheds and hold polluters accountable. We have significant work to continue to clean up the Chesapeake Bay from both point and non-point sources of pollution.

We will continue to do our job.

We urge the Senate to do theirs. Please join us by adding your name and address, at right, to create a letter to the office of your U.S. Senator.