Testimony in support of Racially Inclusive Curriculum in Schools

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Bill H.542/S.288 - An Act to Promote Racially Inclusive Curriculum in Schools is currently scheduled to have a committee hearing on Wednesday October 11, 11a in Hearing Room B-2 and virtual (please note date and room change). We expect the CARE bill to be presented around 2:30p. Our goal is to MOVE OUR BILL OUT OF COMMITTEE FAVORABLY!

This bill would ensure that instruction in K-12 education shall include the teaching of accurate histories, writings, and contributions of racial and ethnic groups that have been historically underrepresented or marginalized. Additionally, the bill would establish a Trust Fund to support school districts with necessary resources to implement these standards. Read more about the bill HERE.

We need your help in conveying to lawmakers the significance of and the widespread backing for a racially inclusive curriculum.

Here are things that you can do to show the Committee just how important it is to Teach us history - All of it.

  1. Please submit written testimony. Just fill in the form with your contact info and click the "START WRITING" button. We provide a default statement as well as examples that are simple to customize or you can just cut and paste to use.  
  2. Attend the hearing and help us pack the room! Check out hearing details HERE.
  3. If you also want to testify virtually, please register here by Tuesday, Oct 10 3p. (Please note change in deadline.)
  4. Share this action with a friend and ask them to pass it on!

Please submit your testimony TODAY!

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