Thank Michigan Legislators for Voting No on Disastrous Income Tax Cut


Fifty-five lawmakers stood up and voted against the irresponsible effort to cut the state’s income tax that would have devastated our budget and jeopardized the programs and services we all depend on. A lot of factors influenced this vote, but this victory is thanks in large part to your efforts making calls, sending emails and meeting with lawmakers face to face to explain your position.

While the House bill was defeated, it was only three votes short and could be revisited any time. We have to stay vigilant and keep fighting. This includes sending encouragement to thank those who stood up to intense pressure (one member who voted no has already been stripped of a committee chairmanship) and voted no on this legislation, and urge them to keep up their opposition.

Click "start writing" to send a thank you letter to the legislators who fended off this disastrous bill.

Cutting the income tax has received strong opposition from Michigan residents regardless of political party or geography, as well as economic experts, schools, local communities and organizations like the League that stand up for struggling residents. Reducing the income tax will drastically harm our way of life and the schools, roads, air and water, and police officers and firefighters we depend on.

An income tax cut will not create jobs or boost the economy, and will only mean few more dollars for struggling Michigan workers while the wealthy get significant benefits. And lawmakers that have cut income taxes in other states like Kansas are already seeing the damage and backpedaling to undo them.

It is extremely important for these members to know that their vote made a difference and the people of Michigan appreciate their actions!!

Thank you for all of YOUR hard work and continued support to protect all that we value in Michigan.

ACT NOW: Thank our state legislators for listening to the people of Michigan and voting down a cut to the state income tax. Because this issue is not over, we also encourage you to contact your legislators if you haven’t already and voice your opposition to cutting the state income tax here: