The Climate Crisis is here! Tell Governor Lamont that Connecticut Must Lead on Climate Action

We are in a code red for humanity. It is time to take action.

Our planet is sending urgent warnings: record breaking temperatures, more extreme storms, historic droughts, flooding and sea level rise. If we fail to act, things will get worse.

Unfortunately, Connecticut is falling short on climate. Governor Lamont is not acting fast enough or boldly enough to respond to the accelerating climate crisis already impacting Connecticut families, businesses and communities.

We do have solutions. But we need our leadership to step up before it is too late.

Connecticut needs to take swift and bold administrative climate action to stop all fossil fuel expansion, ramp up energy efficiency and renewable energy for all, and push to end the financing of fossil fuels.

You can help Governor Lamont hear climate, equity, and environment voices loud and clear.

Everyone benefits from a liveable planet. Communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change will be safer and healthier. Our Shoreline and other natural resources will be protected from the worst impacts. Young people can look forward to the future.

Use the form on the right side of this page to send a clear message to the Governor: Connecticut must lead the nation on climate justice!

Opinion: Climate emergency requires more from Lamont.


Participating organizations include:

Connecticut Citizen Research Group, Sierra Club Connecticut, Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, Save the Sound, Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice, Racial Advocates for Cross-Cultural Education (R.A.C.C.E.). Greater Bridgeport NAACP, Clean Water Action Connecticut, Sunrise Connecticut, Connecticut Climate Crisis Mobilization, Interreligious Eco-Justice Network (IREJN), Bridgeport Generation Now

More to come…..

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