The People's Budget Prioritizes Investing in Infrastructure and American Jobs


Not one penny for millionaires, billionaires and wealthy corporations who damage our health and environment while offshoring jobs.

The People’s Budget invests $2 trillion in transforming our fossil-fuel energy system, overburdened mass transit, deteriorating schools, lead-contaminated water systems, and crumbling roads and bridges. Through local hiring and livable wages, the People’s Budget infrastructure plan creates millions of dignified jobs for women and men of all backgrounds in both urban and rural America.

Investing in America and American Jobs— The People’s Budget prioritizes public investment in 21st century infrastructure with American parts, creating 2 million American jobs. This is a 21st Century New Deal for Jobs that prioritizes our American workforce.

Improving the Health of Our Children and the Environment— Flint, Michigan and other towns across the country have been devastated by contamination of water supplies, causing whole communities to lose access to clean water and leading to serious health problems for children and families. Replacing and rebuilding outdated infrastructure— with parts built in America— improve the health and well-being of millions of Americans while ensuring that our environment is not contaminated by toxic substances. Outdated infrastructure has led to environmental disasters which put our communities at risk— we cannot afford to delay updating our infrastructure. By investing in our infrastructure and our energy future, we will also create jobs and prosperity.

Paid for By Taxing the Rich— Wealthy individuals and big corporations can avoid paying their fair share of taxes through generous tax cuts and tax loopholes, exploiting our system, while ordinary Americans quite literally pay the price. The People’s Budget eliminates those tax loopholes and tax breaks, and the resulting funds will go to investing directly back into our economy and good jobs through investment in our infrastructure.

Helping Workers Transition from the Fossil Fuel Economy— In addition to repairing and rebuilding infrastructure, the People’s Budget will also invest in job training and assistance for those who are looking to transitioning from the fossil-fuel industry, which is rapidly losing jobs, into green energy and public works projects.