People's Budget Campaign

This year a group of national organizations have joined together to build a grassroots campaign to promote both the Peoples Budget and individual bills that are part of its broad agenda. (link to member groups). They call for an ongoing, permanent national campaign around the Peoples Budget with the following goals:

  • To make the Peoples Budget a serious “player” each year in the debates surrounding the adoption of a federal budget.
  • To link the Peoples Budget to campaigns over component issues (for example, debt-free college; a renewable energy infrastructure; restoring cuts to critical public programs; green jobs creation; ending tax breaks for giant corporations; support and expansion of mass transit; moving money from the Pentagon budget to needed social programs, etc.) thereby bringing wider attention to the Peoples Budget while supporting these individual efforts.
  • To serve as an umbrella for strategic mobilizations around particular bills and issues covered in the Peoples Budget
  • To organize a movement powerful enough to eventually get its main features passed as the budget of the United States.

Our Actions

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