The People's Budget Supports Affordable Housing


Not one penny for millionaires, billionaires and wealthy corporations from our tax dollars. These tax cuts are paid for by taking money from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and affordable housing. People need a place to live!

The “Peoples Budget” released by the Congressional Progressive Caucus on May 2, presents an alternative vision to invest in housing, jobs and $2 trillion for infrastructure; ensure clean air and water and renewable energy; increase, not cut, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; strengthen, not repeal, the Affordable Care Act; fund, not privatize, public education; end corporate tax loopholes, tax the 1%, and redirect wasteful Pentagon spending to meet domestic needs.  

In stark contrast to Trump’s proposals for HUD, the Peoples Budget proposes to increase Community Development Block Grant and HOME grants to cities and the National Housing Trust Fund to build much needed new housing.  The Peoples Budget would provide $32 billion for the backlog of repairs in Public Housing; fully fund Public Housing operating budgets; and increase Section 8 Vouchers by 400,000.   The Peoples Budget also would provide $12.8 billion for Rep. Waters bill to End Homelessness in America.