Urge your US Representative to support nuclear weapons abolition and climate conversion

Please write to your US Rep and urge them to support the abolition of nuclear weapons and the use of all those squandered resources to instead seriously address the climate crisis while there is still time. Nuclear war and climate change are two existential threats that need to be fully and urgently addressed. We can solve them both at once by making the transition from nuclear weapons to climate solutions.

Members of Congress have a huge responsibility to safeguard the planet, but many of them are ill-informed about these issues and rely on big corporate donors not only for their re-election but also for advice on matters of public policy. They need to hear from their constituents and not only from the companies that make their profit by developing and maintaining nuclear weapons.

In most cases, Members of Congress will only accept messages, let alone respond to them, if they are from people living in their District. Please fill out the address form to be assigned to the right Representative and click “Start Writing” to edit your letter.

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