URGENT: Stop Funding Increase to the Middletown Police Department

Tell Middletown Common Council to REJECT a funding increase for the police department

In his 2020-21 budget for Middletown, Mayor Benjamin Florsheim approved funding for the Middletown Police Department (MPD) to hire an additional police officer. Florsheim's proposal will increase MPD's already overinflated $15 million annual budget by an additional $73,943 (see page 17 of the proposed budget) during an economic and health crisis of unprecedented scale. In light of innumerable extrajudicial killings of black and brown people by police officers culminating most recently with the murder of George Floyd, people across the U.S. have risen to demand that their communities "defund the police" and instead invest in solutions that address root causes of social issues.

At this critical juncture, Middletown cannot afford to stand on the wrong side of history. City leaders must redirect resources away from policing and towards sorely needed investments in community-based care, restorative justice practices, mental health services, and more. Amidst an economic and public health crisis of unprecedented scale, Middletown must shift its priorities away from punishing those in our community most harmed by social issues now exacerbated by the crisis and towards supporting social investments our community desperately needs.

At 7PM on Thursday, June 11, the Common Council of Middletown will hold a virtual public meeting to deliberate and vote on Mayor Florsheim's budget with the proposed increase in funding to the police. The Common Council need to know that what our community needs now more than ever is not more cops to threaten our most marginalized neighbors, but investment in the vital resources for our community. Fill out this form NOW to send a letter to the 14 members of the Common Council and Mayor Florsheim urging them to reject this funding increase to the Middletown Police Department.

ATTEND the virtual Common Council meeting tomorrow (Thursday, June 11) at 7PM to express your opposition to the proposed increase in funding to the Middletown Police Department. Instructions for joining the virtual meeting can be found in the meeting agenda.

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