Voice Your Support to Boost Workers’ Pay! Submit Your Comment to the Department of Labor & Industry in Support of Proposed New Regulations

In late November, the PA Department of Labor & Industry announced proposed regulations regarding tipped work and fluctuating workweek schedules in Pennsylvania. These key regulation changes would change how workers are paid by updating the long-outdated definitions of who qualifies as a tipped employee, clarify who is allowed to be in a tip pool, stop employers from taking tips from workers to pay credit card transaction fees, and ensure salaried employees are paid more fairly.  

Read more in detail about the proposed regulation changes here.

Pennsylvanians can provide public comments on the proposed changes by the deadline of Monday, December 20, as part of the formal regulatory review process required before the proposed changes can go into effect. The last day to submit comments is Monday, December 20, so act now to add your voice!

Any Pennsylvanian can comment, we especially encourage current or former tipped workers to add a few sentences about whichever issue you’ve experienced at as it relates to the proposed regulation changes.

We’ve made the process of submitting a comment as easy as possible, including a template that you can use as a base and modify to add your own voice - you can also start fresh and write your comment from scratch!

When you submit a comment here, it will be sent to Bryan M. Smolock, Director, Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Labor Law Compliance. If you would like, you can copy and paste our template into your own letterhead or email, then customize it, and send to bsmolock@pa.gov. Or you can start from scratch in your own email and send, again, to bsmolock@pa.gov.

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