Tell your MP: Vote for Ceasefire and Arms Embargo

Tell Your MP to Vote for a Ceasefire & Arms Embargo

While the motion is not perfect, it is the first time since the start of Israel’s brutal war on Gaza, all MPs will have the chance to vote on stopping the genocide when the NDP puts forward an Opposition Motion in March.

The NDP motion calls for a ceasefire, an arms embargo, reinstatement of funding to UNRWA, just refugee policies for Gaza and more.

We have watched in horror as Israel has bombed and killed over 30,000 people, of which the majority are children. Thousands more are missing or buried in the rubble. Millions are starving and facing disease as the weather turns cold. Every poll has shown that the majority of people in Canada support a permanent ceasefire. But instead of listening to us, Canada is supporting and profiting off of Israeli aggression by buying and selling weapons being used to murder Palestinians.

Now is the time to force elected officials to do the right thing.

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