We need BOE support

UPDATE: This campaign is no longer submitting letters as TAAAC members have secured a negotiated agreement for the 2023 Fiscal Year! Congratulations to those who took action to make your voice heard through this letter-writing campaign and other opportunities that led us to a successful contract.

While it is not everything we wanted, members fought hard for one of the largest COLAs in over a decade and maintenance of compensation for class coverage! Stay tuned for more opportunities to support yourself, your peers, and our school system during the next round of negotiations!

Click here for the highlights of our agreement.

All of TAAAC’s proposals around planning time, capping non-professional duties, and compensation for sub-coverage have been rejected without explanation. AACPS even refused to show us the respect of negotiating in person to defend their positions.

We need to let the Board of Education know that we will not sit quietly and accept these attacks on our work conditions. We deserve better. Our students deserve better.