We Stand Up For Decency

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Please join me taking a stand for common decency.

Trump’s stubborn defense of child sexual abuse by Roy Moore, spousal abuse by not one but two White House staffers, and his own outrageous behavior crosses the lines of decency into criminality.

In the White House on Monday, November 27, 2017, Donald Trump honored WWII Navajo Code-talkers by slamming Senator Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas. What that had to do with honoring these Native American veterans in unclear. He didn't care. He has done that before. He will do it again.

I am appalled by his behavior. Some may want to dismiss it as a distraction. I cannot. Trump's continual bashing of Sen. Warren with what he knows is a racial, cultural and gender-based slur exposes what he thinks and who he believes is and isn’t deserving of respect. Anyone who does not believe that his mindset plays into what he intends to do in policy has not been paying enough attention.

I stand with Sen. Warren and I am concerned that as the 2018 election campaigns heat up, any incumbent or candidate who is non-white or female will be targeted by Trump for insults, slurs and other attacks. This is unacceptable. Equality matters. Common decency matters. I demand better.

I call on you to censure Donald Trump for this latest outrage and other serious personal misconduct.
Letter Campaign by
Mike Hersh
Silver Spring, Maryland