Write letter to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding illegal subsidies to Israeli military

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The Canadian Zionist Cultural Association (CZCA) is violating charitable rules and it is time that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) revoke its charitable status.

In July, a formal legal complaint was submitted to the CRA detailing CZCA’s support for the Israeli military. Among other examples, it noted that an Israeli military website named CZCA as an organization “authorized to raise donations for the IDF” and in 2019 CZCA allocated over $1.7 million to YAHAD, which says its “aim is raising funds for IDF soldiers.” But, CRA rules state clearly that supporting the armed forces of another country is not charitable. Al-Haq supported this complaint. Almost 2000 letters were sent.

Learn more, and listen to the webinar about the complaint.

January 2022: An Addendum to the July complaint has been filed with the CRA based on CZCA’s filings with the Revenue Agency released through an access to information request.

These documents confirm that CZCA finances various organizations supporting the Israeli military. As one example, CZCA has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to “Scholarships/mentorships - Duvdevan", which is a unit that operates in the occupied West Bank. Duvdevan commando often disguise themselves as locals and regularly kill Palestinians.

The CRA has an abundance of evidence detailing the ways in which CZCA has been violating Canadian charitable law for years. It is now time for the Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the Canadian Zionist Cultural Association’s charitable status.

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