Write MLAs to Say: "Make Cancelling the Site C Dam Your New Year's Resolution!"


A new government report and announcement on the Site C Dam is expected any day now. We need to use the opportunity to demand elected representatives take action to cancel this disastrous mega-project once and for all.

The 60-metre-high hydroelectric dam would flood 100 square kilometres of the Peace River Valley in northern British Columbia. From billions in cost overruns to be shouldered by taxpayers, to broken promises to Indigenous nations, to the destruction of unique ecosystems and important farmlands, to growing safety concerns, it's clear that BC needs to cut the losses and move forward with greener and cheaper energy projects.

Please take the time to write a letter BC MLAs, and ask that your friends, family and co-workers do the same. There's still time to Stop Site C!

Thank you for participating!

In Solidarity,
Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver

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