No bills increases at Park Hill during COVID!

Tom Bloxham (Urban Splash boss)


Park Hill residents, including those in social housing, are facing a £45 per year increase in heating bills from August. The landlord, a regeneration company called Urban Splash, has a number of outsourced deals with private companies which mean residents have no option to switch providers.

This increase comes after the service charge for social housing tenants increased to £19.27 per week in April. These bills increases, during the coronavirus crisis, will hit the poorest in the estate the hardest.

Urban Splash would like to distance itself from accusations of gentrification, and would point to an agreement with Sheffield City Council ensuring a third of flats are social housing.

However, these forced increases in bills fly in the face of any such commitments. Residents have had the burden of an already overpriced heating system, expensive repairs for faulty windows, spiralling rents, backdated insurance charges, high service charges, faulty lifts and more.

These issues and the latest bill increase is making life in Park Hill financially impossible for many residents. To do so in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, where so many are struggling due to job losses and a tough economy, is an insult.

Tom Bloxham, the boss of Urban Splash, has been featured on the Sunday Times rich list and has made millions in profit from regeneration projects. Why should working class people have to pay the price of this crisis, and not him?

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To: Tom Bloxham (Urban Splash boss)
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Reverse the attempted £45 increase in heating bills for all residents. Reverse the April service charge increase for social housing tenants.