Add My Name: Protect vote-by-mail in 2022

Pennsylvania State Legislature

Last week, the Commonwealth Court ruled that Act 77, which gave every Pennsylvanian the right to vote by mail, is unconstitutional. With midterm elections just around the corner, it’s a deeply concerning attack on the reforms that created record-breaking voter turnout in our last election cycle.

But here’s the truth: Act 77 was implemented with bipartisan support, and enabled millions of Pennsylvanians to vote safely and securely. And the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has already upheld the constitutionality of Act 77 back in 2020, during the first wave of attacks on our vote-by-mail system.

We have full confidence that the Supreme Court will take up this case again to protect Pennsylvania voters. But now more than ever, we need to raise our voices to protect voting rights in PA.

Add your name to our petition now to send a message to would-be vote suppressors: vote-by-mail is safe, secure, and here to stay.

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In our democracy, we should want as many people to vote as possible. Act 77 was passed with bipartisan support -- and the safe, secure access to the ballot box that it created has enabled millions of Pennsylvanians to participate in our democracy. With midterms just around the corner, we need to protect voting access -- and vote by mail is a necessary part of that.