Amazon, Clean Up Your Supply Chain

To Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

The supply chain workers that bring us Amazon’s goods deserve better. They are an integral part of what makes Amazon successful. Amazon should hold its contractors accountable and stop profiting from the cheating of American workers

To: To Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
From: Wil Prada

We demand that Amazon respect the supply chain workers that bring us Amazon’s goods. End the wage theft, the disrespect, and misclassification of your supply chain workers!

I support the professional truck drivers who deliver us Amazon products every day. Amazon is a thriving and successful business, but its supply chain workers deserve better. Due to misclassification, workers like Julio Garcia who hauls for XPO Logistics, one of Amazon’s contractors, end up making less than minimum wage and even owe the company some weeks. How? The company misclassifies him as an independent contractor and is able to deduct their business expenses from his paycheck.

This is wage theft and Amazon should not overlook these illegal practices. It should hold its contractors accountable and stop profiting from cheating American workers of their hard earned money.

I support workers who are fighting to end these conditions by going on strike. Truck drivers at XPO Logistics have united and have struck more than 7 times in the last year. Warehouse workers at California Cartage went on strike last month to bring attention to the dangerous working conditions, poor working conditions and retaliation they are facing. These workers are calling on Amazon to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, an end to wage theft, and permanent jobs.

It is urgent for Amazon to stop these practices that plague American workers. They are the same practices that have hurt the American middle class. Amazon can afford to do better and not tarnish its image as a great company. We await a response.