Justice for Port Drivers

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach: Port Drivers Demand Justice NOW

As labor unrest grows, port drivers call for comprehensive industry reform

We are professional port truck drivers. We haul the materials and goods that keep our nation moving and we demand to be treated with respect, but the drayage industry that serves America’s seaports is broken.

  • Our industry is highly fragmented, poorly organized, under capitalized, and grossly inefficient.
  • We work endless hours, but struggle to make ends meet.
  • We are unfairly forced to choose between paying for expensive new tires for the trucks we drive or taking care of our families.
  • The root of the problem is “misclassification.” Misclassification causes unfair competition, a race to the bottom, and wage theft; and wage theft is a crime.

We are fighting back and the law is on our side, but the law is slow so we are exercising our rights. Port drivers will continue to take action and go on strike until there is comprehensive industry reform:

  • Stop driver misclassification;
  • Remove obstacles to American workplace protections;
  • Eliminate illegal barriers to employee rights;
  • Pay us a fair wage for every hour worked.

We have rights. Port Drivers demand justice now!

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