Governor Cuomo, Assembly Members, State Senators


421-A is a scam against taxpayers and communities. Here’s how the scam works: working class and middle class taxpayers are forced to subsidize luxury developers who build apartments the vast majority of New York City residents cannot ever afford. There is no defense or justification for Albany to continue to give billions in tax breaks to luxury developers who are gentrifying neighborhoods, pricing out thousands of residents, and endangering affordable housing.

421-a must go away!! Ask our state lawmakers to end the senseless subsidies for luxury development and stop the scam against taxpayers and communities.

To: Governor Cuomo, Assembly Members, State Senators
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The 421-a tax abatement was created in the 1970s to spur residential development at a time when New York was on the brink of fiscal collapse. But in recent years, the program has become a senseless subsidy with a corrupting influence: it costs billions in unnecessary tax breaks for luxury condos built by the most politically-connected developers who fund the electoral campaigns of state lawmakers.

This is why we are calling on you to end 421-a before it comes up for renewal in June.