Cancel the Mountain Valley Pipeline

Officers and Board members of ETRN, EQT, ED, NEE, TX:ALA & RGCO

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is a monster fracked gas pipeline construction project that's been threatening endangered species in West Virginia and Virginia. There are multiple lawsuits challenging the construction route and practices of the MVP. Recent financial reports reveal there is no longer an economic necessity for the MVP. Tell MVP to stop throwing good money after bad by canceling the MVP.

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To: Officers and Board members of ETRN, EQT, ED, NEE, TX:ALA & RGCO
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The Global Energy Monitor Report "Pipeline Bubble 2021: Tracking Global and Oil Pipelines" concluded there's a $1 trillion risk of stranded assets. Mountain Valley Pipeline is on track to be one of those stranded assets. Research on the MVP reveals more than 25% of the most challenging segments of the route are left to complete.

Due to poor construction planning the project has ballooned from $3 billion to $6 billion and is years behind schedule. Recent economic outlooks project there is no longer a necessity for the project because of a combination of existing pipelines increasing their capacity, increase in energy efficiency and the renewable energy storage revolution.

On July 5, 2020 Dominion Energy and Duke, "two of the nation’s largest utilities announced they had canceled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would have transported natural gas across the Appalachian Trail and into Virginia and North Carolina, after environmental lawsuits and delays had increased the estimated price tag of the project to $8 billion from $5 billion. And earlier this year, New York State, which is aiming to drastically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, blocked two different proposed natural gas lines into the state by withholding water permits."

With the MVP facing multiple environmental lawsuits, criminal investigations and its ability to obtain the permits to cross hundreds of waterways in question; it's time for the partners Equitrans Midstream (ETRN), EQT Corp. (EQT), Con Ed (ED), NextEra (NEE), Alta Gas (TSX:ALA) and Roanoke Gas Resources (RGCO) to stop throwing good money into a failing project by canceling the MVP.