City of Hollywood - Lead The Way With a Just Transition To 100% Clean Renewable Energy

Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy and Commissioners Shuham, Anderson, Callari, Gruber, Biederman, and Sherwood

Climate change is causing problems in our community and around the world. By doing our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we can mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Tallahassee, FL

To: Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy and Commissioners Shuham, Anderson, Callari, Gruber, Biederman, and Sherwood
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Climate change, exacerbated by greenhouse gas emissions from the extraction, transit, and combustion of fossil fuels, is causing sea level rise to the point of sunny-day flooding, and more and hotter unsafe heat days.

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change, local governments should take the lead and commit to a just transition from fossil fuels to to clean renewable energy.

There are 12 cities in Florida that have already made 100% renewable energy commitments. We urge the city of Hollywood to make a similar commitment. We will work with the community and city to ensure a just transition that works best for the residents of Hollywood.

The Hollywood 100% Together Coalition shares these ideals:

We value justice. Climate change is an attack on justice as it will most impact minorities and those with less financial security. The EPA has found that those more at risk of suffering from extreme heat are people who live in a home with poor insulation, do not have air conditioning, work outdoors, do not have access to emergency healthcare, and do not have access to public health warnings in their native language. Folks that fall into these categories tend to be poor people, minorities, and immigrants. Hollywood 100% Together is concerned that climate change will hit those less likely to adapt to it the hardest.

We value equality. Nonrenewable energy resources disproportionately harm poor and minority communities. The extraction and burning of fossil fuels for energy leads to oil spills and leaks, air pollution, and water contamination. Unfortunately, these catastrophes often occur near communities of low socioeconomic status and communities of color. The fossil fuel industry is profiting off of the lives of disadvantaged people. This injustice is one of the many reasons that Hollywood 100% Together desires a transition to 100% renewable energy.

We recognize the importance of local organizing. Hollywood 100% Together knows that effective political movements come from the bottom up. Our state government has been silent on the issue of climate change. However, a dozen cities from across Florida have committed to 100% renewable energy. We must ensure that our local energy transition benefits vulnerable residents through job opportunity, decision-making power, and cost-burden assistance.

By signing this, we agree to work towards these ideals.