Defend the ACA - Protecting Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

Members of Congress

An important hearing in a court case challenging the Affordable Care Act is happening soon. But the Trump Administration might not defend some of the most critical provisions of the law, like guaranteeing coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. We need our members of Congress to stand up and demand that the ACA be defended and protected!

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To: Members of Congress
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We, the undersigned residents and organizations of your Congressional District, are deeply concerned about the implications of the case challenging the Affordable Care Act’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions being heard before a Federal judge today. The Trump Administration is refusing to defend the law, and the impending addition of a new Supreme Court justice raises the stakes considerably.

As cancer survivors, diabetics and others who faced discrimination by insurers and exorbitant costs before the ACA, we need to know whether you will stand with us or whether you are on the side of those who would take us backward. We ask that you immediately issue a statement condemning the attempt to repeal the ACA’s protections against discrimination by insurance companies.

Instead of injecting politics into our health care, we should be working together to constantly seek ways to improve the delivery of high quality, accessible, affordable health care.