Demand Credit//No Credit for UVA Fall Semester

Jim Ryan, Liz Magill, Board of Visitors

The pandemic has been an enormous stress on students, workers and community members. In June YDSA at UVA launched a campaign for a Student and Worker Response to covid. Among our demands was an opt-in Credit/No-Credit option like we had in the spring 2020 semester. If anything, online schooling has gotten harder, the economic and health crises are worse, and our university is neglecting our needs even more.

There's a myth that our grades are what make us an elite university, but in reality they are means-testing to disproportionately hurt those with learning disabilities, and less access to resources. Even for the best student, online classes fundamentally alter the learning experience.

Sign our petition and get involved with Young Democratic Socialists at UVA.  

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We demand a Credit/No-Credit option this semester. The situation has only become more dire since the Spring. With greater stress on mental health, physical danger because of the University's Covid policy, and challenges inherent in online learning, we need Credit/No-Credit as an option.