Demand that University of Calif. pay for their own retirement mistakes!

John A. Perez, Chair of the UC Board of Regents

The University of California is one of the richest educational systems in the world, yet their latest plan to fix their retirement investment mistakes of the past 20 years is to effectively cut worker pay by making employees pay an additional 1.5 percent of their pay into the UC Retirement Plan (UCRP).

Join UC Clerical and Skilled Trades workers statewide in demanding that the University of California pay for their own retirement mistakes without taking it out of worker paychecks!

Petition by
Teamsters Local 2010
Oakland, California

To: John A. Perez, Chair of the UC Board of Regents
From: [Your Name]

We support University of California workers throughout California who are demanding that increased retirement cost be absorbed by the University. Workers were not a part of the decision to discontinue paying into retirement investments from 1990 to 2010. Working people already struggle to make ends meet; it’s a disgrace that the millionaires on the UC Board of Regents now want to fix their mistakes by further lowering worker pay. The workers who make UC work every day deserve better. No increased retirement costs for UC workers!