Adelaide City Council - Declare a Climate Emergency!

The Lord Mayor and Councillors of the City of Adelaide

We are in a Climate Emergency, with climate change impacts already killing people and destroying ecosystems. The scariest thing about this is that most levels of government are not doing what is necessary to reverse this emergency despite knowing what the solutions are.

The first ray of hope is coming from the local councils in Australia and overseas that are declaring a Climate Emergency. They are developing action plans to do the many things they can do at the local level and are engaging their communities in community-wide climate emergency action.

Call on the Adelaide City Council to declare a Climate Emergency and set a precedent for other levels of government to follow!

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To: The Lord Mayor and Councillors of the City of Adelaide
From: [Your Name]

We the undersigned, do hereby petition the Adelaide City Council to:
• declare that we face a Climate Emergency that requires urgent action from all levels of government, and
• instigate an action plan to immediately reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible within the zone of the Adelaide City Council and to establish programs to draw down carbon from the Earth's atmosphere, and
• inspire other councils in Australia to take ambitious action immediately to mitigate the Climate Emergency.