Don’t let Trump rush election results & silence voters

Election officials & journalists

Every eligible voter who casts a ballot this fall has a right to have their vote counted and their voice heard -- whether they voted by mail or in person.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing a high volume of mail-in ballots this year -- which take a little longer to count due to how diligent election officials are. So it could take days (or even weeks) to secure an accurate final result.

That means we likely won’t know who all of the winners are on Election Night. And that’s okay -- because ensuring that every vote is tallied is far more important than getting results quickly.

If there is needless pressure to declare a winner too early, we risk disenfranchising the millions of Americans who voted by mail -- and denying them their right to be heard in our democracy.

But members of President Trump’s White House have already begun to demand that final results are announced on Election Night. [1] And Trump himself is trying to create chaos in the electoral process -- by spreading blatant lies about vote-by-mail and refusing to agree to a peaceful transition of power.

Journalists and election officials cannot let Trump and his allies pressure them into reporting incomplete or partial results on Election Night -- at the expense of everyday Americans’ rights and the integrity of our democracy.

Every ballot will be counted this fall, according to the law -- and no matter what Trump says or does, no one can declare themselves the president. That decision is to be made by the American people.

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Millions of Americans are voting by mail this fall -- and those ballots will take longer to count, due to how diligent election officials are. So we likely won’t know which candidate won the presidency on November 3rd.

But Trump and his team may try to demand results on Election Night anyway to confuse and silence voters. That’s why election officials and journalists must pledge right now to demonstrate restraint and wait until they have the right election results before reporting a winner -- even if it means we don’t know who won on Election Night.