Free Sam G, Our Graphic Designer

HMP Wandsworth

Free Sam G – Just Stop Oil
Free Sam G – Just Stop Oil

We have shocking news. Sam Griffiths, husband, father, and graphic designer has been arrested and imprisoned for marching in the street, demanding an end to new oil and gas.

This is outrageous. Not just because the UK shouldn't be imprisoning people for protesting, but because Sam has been helping out with our graphic design and we really miss him. He's a brilliant person – friendly, fun and talented. It's so wrong that Sam and all those who have been imprisoned with him are being silenced and detained.

So please, sign the petition and spread the word. Or we will start using Comic Sans. #FreeSamG

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To: HMP Wandsworth
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Dear HMP Wandsworth,

We urge you to free Sam Griffiths immediately. Marching to protest should not be a crime. New oil and gas (and gratuitous comic sans) should be. FREE SAM G!


The Just Stop Oil Graphic Design Team + Supporters.