Hey, Biden. F*ck the courts, cancel the debt.

Joe Biden

In August 2022, Biden promised to cancel student debt. But instead of automatically canceling debt, he waited two months to roll out an application for people to confirm their eligibility. That delay was costly: it enabled rightwing groups with to file lawsuit after lawsuit, potentially blocking relief for everyone.

It’s not too late for Biden to cancel debt – this time, automatically and for everyone.

We won’t win cancellation through the courts or waiting on congress. We will win it when Biden decides to use the power we know – and he knows – he has.

So, we wrote the entire executive order for him. All Joe Biden has to do is sign this two-page document, and 100% of your federal student loans will be gone. We can’t wait for the courts or Congress to decide.

Add your name to send Biden the letter calling on him to F* the courts and cancel the damn debt already.

Add your name to send him an electronic version of the letter now!

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To: Joe Biden
From: [Your Name]

Dear Biden,

We can't afford for you to wait to win debt cancellation in the courts or Congress.

With a flick of the pen, you could issue an executive order to cancel student debt NOW. Like you promised you would do. Like you have the power to do. Will you use it?

All you have to do is sign this Executive Order here: https://debtcollective.org/debtcollective-flickofapen.pdf