Hold the Sharon Hill officers who murdered Fanta Bility accountable.

Delaware County’s District Attorney’s Office, DA Jack Stollsteimer, Sharon Hill Police Department

Fanta Bility was an 8-year old who attended a football game at Academy Park High School in Sharon Hill on the night of August 27th. An altercation broke out one block away on Coates Street, supposedly between 16-year-old Angelo “AJ” Ford and 18-year-old Hasein Strand, which resulted in gunfire and a car speeding by. In response, 3 Sharon Hill police officers that were in attendance opened fire into the crowd. 4 out of 5 gunshot victims were struck by shots that were fired by the Sharon Hill police officers. Fanta being one of the victims, passed away due to the gunshot wounds and her older sister was also struck. Over 20 rounds were fired into the crowd.

Delaware County‘s District Attorney’s Office and DA Jack Stollsteimer published a press release this afternoon. It states that Angelo Ford and Hasein Strand will be charged with first degree murder on behalf of Fanta’s death. Their names were released BEFORE any information on the officers has been publicized. The DA’s statements regarding this case has been slow and non-transparent. These statements have been contradictory and requires further explanation that no one has received yet. These officers should not be allowed to walk and have minors charged for THEIR behaviors. The shots fired by the officers cost Fanta her life and they should be held accountable for murder!

Almost three months after the incident, the Bility family still has yet to receive basic answers. The names of the officers involved have not been released and whether or not the officers will be charged at all is supposed to be determined by the Grand Jury. The trial will begin November 18th and it could be months before a decisions is reached, due to the DA turning the case over to them. The negligence and incompetence that these 3 officers demonstrated as well as Delaware County officials are quite sickening, disheartening, and merely unacceptable. Firing into a crowd with no designated target ended up taking the life of an 8-year old and leaving other victims to be significantly injured. Mistakes like this cannot be made by those who are supposed to protect and serve, but expected to return to work after their administrative leave is up. This is BEYOND unacceptable.

Help us get justice for Fanta! Your voice matters. Sharon Hill PD should be held accountable on top of the immoral behavior that has been demonstrated by the DA’s office.

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Answers to the Bility family and the community are long overdue. Release the names of the officers and hold each of them accountable. Fire them from the Sharon Hill police force and charge them accordingly.