Nottingham City Council: Don't open schools until it's safe

Nottingham City Council

The reopening of schools should not happen until it is certain that there will be no second wave, and that no pupil or teacher is put in danger.

The advice of the Chief Scientific Officer at the Department for Education is that schools are not yet prepared to reopen, and that a rush to open them could set off a second wave of the virus. Pupils' and teachers' lives could be put at risk if the government open schools too soon.

Already three Councils have announced that they will not reopen schools on the 1st June. Notts County Council are not aiming to open schools on that date, and lots of headteachers are privately and publicly indicating that 1st June is too soon.

We urge Nottingham City Council to keep the schools under its control closed, and to write to all academies asking them not to reopen until it is safe.

Petition by
Stewart Halforty
Nottingham, United Kingdom

To: Nottingham City Council
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Dear Nottingham City Council,

We the undersigned call on you to follow Liverpool, Hartlepool and Bury councils and call for schools to remain closed on June 1st and to ignore government guidance (which is not law). Furthermore we ask that you carefully consider when schools should be reopened, given that Britain has had the highest death rate in Europe.