Petition: Please Support the Medicaid Expansion

Wisconsin State Legislators

70% of Wisconsinites agree -- Wisconsin needs the Medicaid expansion.

Accepting the full expansion would lower health care premiums for everyone by 7 to 11%, save our state over $300 million, trigger $1.6 billion in new federal dollars invested in our healthcare system, and increase everyone’s access to affordable, quality care.

But for the Medicaid expansion to pass the legislature, your legislators need to hear your voice.

Just last week, Joint Finance Republicans voted to remove the Medicaid expansion from the People's Budget. We need your voice and your story to show legislators that Wisconsin won't give up on the Medicaid expansion. We still can win the #Fight4Medicaid.

Sign the petition to tell your legislators that it is time to support the Medicaid expansion. Then join us online at for updates and ways to get involved. It's time to move forward, Wisconsin.

To: Wisconsin State Legislators
From: [Your Name]

Everyone deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare. The people of Wisconsin overwhelmingly support the expansion of Medicaid, which will give more people healthcare and save the state money.

Accepting the Medicaid expansion would provide health coverage for an additional 82,000 low-income people in Wisconsin and save the state an estimated $324 million over the biennium. It will bring $1.6 billion in new investment to our state and lower private health insurance premiums by 7 to 11%.

We support accepting the Medicaid expansion for Wisconsin. Please join us and do the same.