Petition to Chancellor Block to take action against climate change

Chancellor Block

UCLA should be a leader in helping stop climate change! Our petition is now closed and has been delivered to Chancellor Block and Vice Chancellor Beck. Thanks everyone for signing!

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Los Angeles, CA

To: Chancellor Block
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We petition Chancellor Block to:

1) Reduce UCLA fossil fuel combustion 95% by 2030

2) Develop an electrification plan and establish a timetable for it in 2022

3) Implement UCLA labor transition to green jobs and ensure that workers implementing green upgrades on campus will be hired into unionized jobs with living wages and employed directly by the university administration

4) Prioritize climate justice (stopping and repairing damage to communities of low income and color) in the development and implementation of plans

5) Use highest quality carbon offsets (directed towards climate justice and biodiversity conservation) only temporarily until 2030

6) Select financial institutions and investment instruments that prioritize sustainability and do not invest in fossil fuels and fossil fuel infrastructure

7) Support the UC-wide platforms of UCGND ( and ElectrifyUC ( and their timetables for action.