Regis Alum and Community Condemn Regis' Response to Pro-Choice Free Speech

Regis Jesuit Leadership and Denver Archdiocese

To the Denver Archdiocese and Regis Jesuit leadership,

As members of the Regis Jesuit community, we strongly disagree with the censorship and punitive measures taken against teachers and students who expressed pro-choice views in the December 2021 issue of Elevate Magazine. The Regis Jesuit mission claims to foster “an inclusive, diverse community” that “develops critical minds and nurtures compassionate hearts to serve others”--and we do not believe that your executive leadership has upheld its mission in this regard.  

It is therefore our duty as community members to hold these leaders accountable to create a safe, inclusive environment for all students, faculty, and staff to exercise their right to free speech and bodily autonomy. Our goal is to empower Regis Jesuit students to research and develop their own opinions on issues of political importance, and to promote the tradition of free discourse that is central to our shared democratic values.

In lieu of financial support to the school, we also pledge to make donations to organizations that uphold intersectionality, equality, and protect women’s rights to choose. One such organization is Denver Planned Parenthood, where supporters and alumni can donate in the name of the Denver Archdiocese here:

Regis Jesuit Planned Parenthood Donation Campaign

Update: Regis Jesuit teacher says school, Archdiocese defamed her in firing over pro-choice student op-ed

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Reinstate the Regis teacher fired for allowing the publication and a public statement addressing their actions.