Rural Bill of Rights

The Pennsylvania State Legislature


Rural people are too often ignored in Harrisburg. A lack of affordable and accessible healthcare has devastated rural people. The burdensome added costs of the Gas Tax have hit us hard because we drive everywhere. Our local schools, farms, and businesses are struggling, while career politicians remain silent. This is why rural people need a bill of rights—The Rural Bill of Rights.  

Join the movement by signing onto the Rural Bill of Rights. You can also be a part of the rally on September 17, 2020 by joining us in person at the Capital steps or on Facebook live at Michelle Siegel for PA Senate District 27 (@siegelforsenatepa).

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We the Rural People of Pennsylvania Deserve:

1. Access to Hospitals and Affordable Healthcare
2. Access to Broadband and Cell Phone Service
3. Access to Public Transportation
4. Investment in Public Education
5. Protection and Growth of Family Farms
6. Access to Good Paying Jobs and Worker Protections
7. Infrastructure Investments
8. Support of Local Businesses
9. Access to Clean Air, Water, and Land
10. Upholding the PA and US Constitutions.

We the Rural People of Pennsylvania